Squid Tubes (700g)


Our whole squid tubes are delicious, versatile and easy to prepare. Squid is a great vehicle for Asian or Mediterranean flavours; but is also fabulous lightly dusted with a little salt and pepper, to really enhance that succulent squid flavour.

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Product description

Our whole squid tubes have been fully cleaned and prepared, leaving just the natural white meat. They are great stuffed with cooked rice, peppers, chorizo and baked in the oven. Alternatively, cut into rings, lightly dust with seasoned flour and pan fried until crisp.

  • Raw
  • Serves 5
  • 700g net weight

Chefs are using squid more and more. It is so versatile; it can be stuffed, baked, grilled or pan fried. These squid tubes have been cleaned and prepared so you don’t have to do anything except find a recipe that takes your fancy and off you go.

In order to bring our customers high quality and affordable fish and seafood, we source from a global spread of suppliers. Our squid tubes are sourced from the North East Pacific, caught and frozen on-board the vessel and taken onto land for processing. The squid tubes are defrosted and fully cleaned, before being tenderized and washed and then individually frozen.


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