Guide To Eating Squid

All you need to know about squid

Squid is eaten around the globe and is one of the most diverse foods to come out of the ocean. It's often given the culinary name calamari, which may be more familiar if you've ever bought squid in a restaurant or supermarket.

Squid is used in various cuisine's and there's very little waste compared to fish or shellfish. The body (mantle), tentacles, and ink is all edible and can be prepared and cooked to suit your tastes. Squid is a type of mollusc known as a cephalopod, much like its cousin the Octopus.

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How do you cook squid?

One of the most common forms of squid is fried calamari which typically comes in rings or strips. The rings are cut from the body, which are then coated in a salt and pepper batter or breadcrumb and frozen ready for deep frying or air frying. Salt and pepper calamari squid is a huge favourite from Asian cuisines and goes great with sweet chilli sauce.

The body can be stuffed with spices, meats, rice, herbs etc. and then oven-baked, making delicious stuffed squid parcels that offer a protein-packed alternative to using tortillas or pastries to wrap food.

Can You Eat Raw Squid?

Squid can be eaten raw and is often used in sushi, providing a tender contrast to rice, vegetables and other fish. You shouldn’t eat raw squid while pregnant or if you suffer from any bowel related health problems. Squid should only be eaten raw if it has been frozen at -18’C for a minimum period of 14 days. This temperature and time period ensures that the product is safe

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Squid?

Much like other kinds of seafood, squid is high in protein and low in fat. It's another wonderful source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that our body really benefits from. It’s high in vitamin B12 which is crucial in the creation of DNA and red blood cells.

There are countless recipes and variations of how to cook squid that span many cuisines and it can be a great experience to experiment with squid in different dishes.

If you haven't tried squid before, or would like to introduce it to a young family, fried squid with a salt and pepper batter or crumb (air-fried if you're looking to make it a little healthier) allows you to experience a really tasty piece of food and introduce yourself to the texture and taste without in a concealed form. After one taste you'll more than likely be hooked.

Can You Eat Squid When Pregnant?

Doctors will advise that you avoid eating raw seafood such as sushi, among other foods while pregnant. If you were to eat some by mistake or as a one-off the chances of this having any effect on the baby is low, however, it is possible to contract food poisoning and illness through uncooked seafood.

So the good news is as long as you cook your squid thoroughly, you can eat calamari with your bump. Although rare, allergies can occur, and if you have been told to avoid one type of mollusc, it's wise to avoid them all.

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