Ecuadorian White Shrimp (2kg)


Ecuadorian white shrimp are versatile and tasty. Available in a 2kg box, each raw whole shrimp is individually quick frozen (IQF) so that you won’t need to defrost the whole box if you want to enjoy only a handful for your dinner.

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Product description

Our raw whole Ecuadorian white shrimp are sourced from BAP-certified Aquaculture regions in Ecuador. They’ll arrive frozen in a 2kg box but each shrimp is individually quick frozen before being boxed up which means you don’t need to defrost them all at once and can save some for another night. Each box contains 30 to 40 shrimp which can be cooked shell on in some garlic and parsley butter to make some delicious crevettes, or you can devein and peel the shrimp before adding to a curry, stir fry or a traditional Ecuador ceviche.

Every 100g is packed with approximately 24g of protein and is naturally low in fat and salt. These shrimp are an ideal addition to a healthy diet and will be great for meal preps.

  • Product arrives raw frozen and shell-on
  • 30-40 shrimp per box
  • Semi-IQF for easy defrosting
  • Always defrost in the fridge
  • High in protein
  • BAP-certified sourcing
  • Free next-day delivery on orders before 1 pm


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