Super Giant King Prawns (800g)


These impressive prawns are enormous in flavour and size. Each 800g pack contains 2-4 prawns, with each prawn providing the perfect centrepiece ? just one prawn commands centre stage at dinner, perfect for a decadent meal at home. Simply pan-fry or cook in the oven from frozen with plenty of butter, garlic, and herbs. Mightily delicious!

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Product description

Presenting the largest, most luxurious prawns you will ever serve up – meatier than lobster, and packed full of flavour – they really are King of the dinner table. Perfect for barbecues, dinner parties and special occasions; they are guaranteed to impress your guests.

Boasting up to 10 inches in length, these prawns are super impressive! And with a pack weight of 800g, some prawns can weigh up to 400g each, so will certainly need industrial eating irons to enjoy – or just use both hands to devour these beauties.

Probably one of the meatiest seafood products available, our Super Giant King Prawns cook to pink in no time (please have a little more patience if barbequing) and will fill the hungriest of guests. Allowed lots of time and room to grow in the wild, they will amaze your guests and they’re certainly not destined for a prawn cocktail starter!

As with all prawns, a vein runs from head to tail, this one is just larger than normal and in keeping with the super-sized prawn! Just remove this before serving as with any other prawn variety.

This product will be delivered Semi-IQF- meaning there will be a small amount of solid ice in the bottom of the box to hold the product in place but should you want to only defrost a couple at a time you can break them apart.

These prawns punch above other Warmwater prawns in size and flavour. Rocky of the sea, King of the plate.



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