Try These 3 Aphrodisiacs This Valentine’s Day

by Sarah Parker February 2, 2023

What seafood will get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day?

The most romantic day of the year is upon us, and we believe it’s time to let seafood do all the ‘talking’. For hundreds of years, seafood, and particularly, shellfish have gone hand in hand with love and romance. And let’s not forget about the said ‘effects’ certain seafood can have on our libido too…

This Valentine’s Day, pull out all the stops for your partner; set the scene and think romantic music, a candle-lit table and an irresistible spread of delicious mood-boosting seafood. Oh, and of course, a crisp bottle of champagne on ice.


What is an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiacs are food and drinks that increase your libido and spike your sexual desire. And, in case you’ve forgotten your classical Greek, the word ‘aphrodisiac’ comes from The Goddess of Love and Beauty herself – Aphrodite. Her name derives from “aphros,” the Greek word for foam. This relates to her rather graphic and not-so-romantic origin story (if you’re into your greek mythology, you’ll know exactly what we mean!)

Greek mythology aside, what seafood has these effects, and what does modern science say about these claims?



When it comes to shellfish, it is the oyster that gets all the glory, but we think scallops equally deserve this crown. As legend has it, Aphrodite first appeared emerging out of the sea on the shell of a scallop! Naturally, these fruits of the sea are long associated with romance and you can find them at any fine dining restaurant worldwide. Scallops have a cocktail of nutrients that include vitamin B12, selenium, magnesium and potassium, which are believed to enhance one’s libido and “desire”.  Follow this simple and easy starter to kick start your night of passion this February 14th.


A true aphrodisiac increases the sexual potency in men and desire in women, and for Mussels, this comes in the form of zinc. Low levels of zinc can contribute to diminished libido, as can lower testosterone levels. Luckily, Mussels have zinc in abundance, which is said to trigger the release of testosterone, giving both men and women that burst of energy they are looking for this V-Day.

Mussels are genuinely one of the most simple kinds of seafood you will ever cook! Just tip the bag’s contents into a pan, turn up the heat to high, pop on a lid, and shake occasionally until cooked a few minutes later. We recommend these Irish Mussels in White Wine and Cream which have already been pasteurised.


Lobster is not only deliciously romantic but is also the pinnacle of fine dining, representing a meal of luxury and intimacy. It is especially potent when eaten with other aphrodisiacs like mussels and scallops, so don’t be afraid to double or even triple up on your seafood. The science behind this aphrodisiac lies in the fact that it is packed with nutrients such as B-12, sulphur, calcium, iron, and zinc, some of which enhance one’s libido and sexual desire.

Whether you’re ready to order a year’s supply of aphrodisiac seafood or take the claims with a pinch of salt, there is something to be said about surprising your partner with a tasty and romantic dinner. Shop our valentine’s day collection today, just in time for February 14th. We recommend you place your order by no later 1:00 pm on Friday 10th February, as we don’t deliver on Sundays or Mondays. We will ship orders for delivery on Tuesday the 14th on a pre-12pm delivery service.

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