The Feast Box series: Part 1, the BBQ Box

by tjames August 2, 2021

Our newly launched Feast boxes are a great way to indulge for less, with the bundles coming in 25% less than buying the items individually.

To celebrate their launch, we asked our colleagues to come up with the best menu ideas using the box’s content; here, our colleague Matt tells us how he’d serve up the delicious BBQ box – which contains seven product ranges, including swordfish steaks, prawns and tuna loins.

Read on for Matt’s top tips and ideas…

Hello I’m Matt and I’m sales director at Sykes. I love fish, seafood and a good BBQ so that’s why I’ve opted for this box

1 Halibut Steaks

I’d create Grilled halibut steaks with lemon, garlic and sea salt butter. Grill the Halibut grilled on the bbq, once cooked place a knob of butter on top while resting for 5 minutes



  • Whole raw Argentinian Reds

Salt and Chilli Shell on Arg reds

Oiled and seasoned before pacing on the bbq, once cooked liberally toss in finely chopped chilli. Sea salt, chopped coriander and spring onions before serving




  • Sword fish steaks

Blackened Cajun Sword fish with fresh mint, lime and guacamole

Dry rubbed sword fish char grilled on the bbq and served with fresh guacamole loaded with fresh mint and lime juice



  • Cornish Monkfish medallions

Spicy Curried Monkfish

Monkfish pieces marinated in curry spice and yoghurt, grilled over coals served with fresh salad, grilled flat breads and minted yogurt



  • Roeless Scallops

Scallop and Pancetta skewers

Grilled Pancetta wrapped scallop skewers, grilled and served on a salad of rocket and red onion with a balsamic dressing



  • Tuna loins

Seared Tuna with Asian salad

Soy, Chilli and sesame dressing with coriander mint and red onion salad.



  • Cornish Butterfly Sardines

Lemon and Sea Salt Sardines

Grilled with just sea salt, served with parsley leaf salad, capers, croutons and thinly sliced shallot,  French dressing and a squeeze of lemon juice


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