Here’s Why Fish Is Great For Your Fitness Pursuits

by tjames July 29, 2021

Hands up who’s watching the Olympics? We’re glued – especially with Team GB picking up so many medals. If the sport has got you feeling inspired, did you know that seafood, especially fish, is great for your fitness? Fish can help fuel your body and mind in your fitness or weight loss pursuits. Our #FitWithFish box is packed with six fish loins and a 200g pack of prawns, perfect for prepping some healthy dishes. Here’s why this produce is so great for fitness…

Fish gives us energy as it’s rich in B12

An important vitamin to keep nerve and blood cells in tip-top condition. B12 is a vitamin often lacking in purely plant-based diets, so by getting more of it through fish you can get those much-needed boosts in energy levels! One of the key parts of maintaining a fitness regime long term is feeling energised by the meals you’re eating. Fish is great for your fitness because the B12 vitamin gives your body and mind the impression that your diet is enough to sustain you.


Healthy Sea Bass Meal


It’s good for your heart

Fish is good for your heart as it’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids which help balance blood vessels thereby reducing cholesterol in the arteries, plus it’s rich in potassium which is known to lower blood pressure – so when paired together omega-3 and potassium have an anti-inflammatory effect to the cardiovascular system reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Help your body recover after a workout

All those athletes in Tokyo are probably tucking into fish and seafood (especially with Japan’s creative use of the produce). That’s because fish contains nutrients that are extremely beneficial in helping the body recover from fatigue and improve muscle regeneration. Research shows that fish packed omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D can play a big role in post-exercise muscle regeneration and fatigue recovery.


fish is great for your fitness selection


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