Smoked Whole Side Of Scottish Salmon (800g – 1kg)


A whole side of delicious ready to slice and eat Scottish smoked salmon. Our salmon is Sashimi graded meaning it’s the highest quality available and safe to eat raw. Smoked to perfection and delivered frozen.

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Product description

Our salmon is sourced from Scotland in GAP accredited fisheries and aquaculture regions. This allows the salmon to mimic a natural life cycle before being farmed. The salmon sides are cut and smoked and then frozen shortly after to lock in the fresh and smoky aroma and taste.

Each smoked side will be a minimum of 800g frozen and up to 1kg with the skin on.

We also offer a number of other salmon products if this isn’t the right portion size for you.

You can also check out our Salmon Saver Bundle if you’re looking for more variations of smoked salmon.

This item is a whole side of salmon and does not come sliced


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