Sea bass Fillets x2 (160g)


Sustainably farmed in the Aegean Sea, our skin-on and boneless seabass is filleted and frozen within hours of harvest. Close attention it made to ensure all bones are removed and the flesh of the fish remains free of blemishes or bruising. Fish farming is a great way to source fish sustainably and now, thanks to farming techniques, we are able to enjoy wonderful produce like seabass, freshly frozen everyday.

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Product description

Our Seabass fillets from Aegean Sea are a great option for any meal, providing key protein and omega-3 fatty acids whilst low in calories. Its sweet and textured flesh has become a key menu option in most restaurants that many people regard as a delicacy. Pre-filleted, this fish is quick and easy to cook

  • Raw
  • Serves 2
  • 162g net weight

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