Raw Whole Canadian Lobster (550g)

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Sweet, succulent and the ultimate dine at home treat. This raw, whole Canadian lobster is the perfect size for sharing. Frozen net weight may range between 550g – 650g

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Our whole lobsters are a luxurious treat, with endless possibilities to explore. We responsibly source from the icy Canadian waters and freeze immediately to lock in freshness. Serve in a decadent mac and cheese dish, prepare the tails with a spicy Cajun marinade, or half the lobster, dress with lemon & herbs, pop under the grill and serve with a buttery dipping sauce.

  • Raw
  • 550g minimum net weight
  • Serves 2

Defrost in the fridge overnight or for a minimum of 12 hours. To cook your lobster place them headfirst into a large pan of lightly salted boiling water for 10-12 minutes. You can also choose to steam your lobster for 7-10 minutes.

Your lobster will turn bright red however please note they may do this prior to the cook times above. Continue cooking for the stated times and don’t use the colouring as an indication of them being cooked.

To gain easy access to the delicious lobster meat, first, remove the claws and place them to one side. Then cut the lobster in half with a sharp knife from the head to the tail. Remove the tomalley from the head section in both halves of the lobster and clean this out. Rinse if required. Next, you can crack into the claw and knuckles of the lobster using a pair of nutcrackers or your knife. Be careful not to damage the claw meat and just crack the shell. Peel the shell away from the meat and pack the claw and knuckle meat into the cavity in the lobster halves.

You can now create a classic lobster thermidor, served in the shell. Or you can extract all the meat for some luxurious lobster rolls.


1 review for Raw Whole Canadian Lobster (550g)

  1. Jonathan Prout (verified owner)

    Fantastic service, everything arrived on time and as promised. Just had them with warm butter and crisp white wine.

    • Seafood by Sykes

      Sounds delicious Jonathan! Thanks for shopping with us!

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