Cooked Snow Crab Legs (680g)

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Our snow crab legs are sweet, flavourful and decadent, making them perfect for special occasions. They are cooked and frozen on board, meaning you get the freshest flavour. To let the sweet crab flavour do the talking, oven bake with a little butter and lemon.

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Product description

When you are in the mood for a real treat, whether that be for date night or a special dinner party, look no further than our snow crab legs. Requiring little preparation, yet packing a huge flavour punch. Give these a try!

Cooked and ready-to-eat
Serves 2
680g net weight

The best way to prepare this awesome product is to do precisely nothing. Simply defrost per the instructions, open up some shop-bought aioli, grab a wedge of lemon, pour yourself a glass of crisp white wine and dig in. It takes a little patience extracting all of the sweet meat from the legs; but trust me, it’s worth it!

Perhaps my favourite shellfish; why does snow crab taste so good? Well, the major factor is how it is caught and processed, snow crab are caught then, while they are still on board the vessel, they are processed. The legs and claws are separated from the body, they are cooked on board and frozen with a minimal glaze to protect the delicate meat flavour in the shell. It doesn’t get better, it doesn’t get fresher and it’s frozen!

2 reviews for Cooked Snow Crab Legs (680g)

  1. Kristy Robinson (verified owner)

    Deliciously sweet, with the salty taste of the sea! Yum!

  2. Harsha Kar (verified owner)

    Nice and sweet with a hint of saltiness. My wife made a lovely dip of mayo and a touch of mustard which went really nice. Lots of water inside the crabs which was annoying.

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