XL Sea Bass Fillets x2 (320g)


Sustainably farmed in the Aegean sea, our XL sea bass is filleted and frozen within hours of harvest to ensure maximum freshness. Seabass is best-served skin on, enhancing the flavour and texture of any dish. We pay close attention to ensure all bones are removed and the flesh of the fish remains free of blemishes or bruising.

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Product description

Our extra-large sea bass fillets from the Aegean sea are a great option for any meal. Its sweet flesh is on the menu in most high-end restaurants. We have filleted this to make it quick and easy to cook.

  • Raw
  • Serves 2
  • 320g net weight

It’s a struggle to get good-sized sea bass fillets in the supermarkets. Sea bass is a wonderful fish but I think it’s so much better served as a bigger fillet where the loin is meatier and the fish is allowed to flake much more freely. These extra-large sea bass fillets are 160-180g – that’s double the size of what is normally available but is also the size we use in the restaurant.

Farming seabass is a great way to source this fish sustainably; and now, thanks to updated farming techniques, we are able to enjoy wonderful produce like sea bass freshly frozen every day. It takes around 18 months to 2 years to farm sea bass. Our farms are in the Aegean sea and the level of farming husbandry is a truly incredible thing to see. Once harvested, the bass is taken for processing around 2-3 hours from the farms by road. They are filleted and frozen the same day they are harvested. Fish farming or aquaculture, when done to the highest standard, is a joy to be involved with.

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