XL Raw Peeled Argentinian Wild Red Shrimp (300g)


Wild caught in the icy waters around Argentina and Patagonia, our red shrimp are quickly frozen after peeling to retain their superb quality. Their sweet flavour and meaty texture gives them a similar eating quality to lobster, so would suit a rich and creamy dish.

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Product description

Argentinian red prawns are relatively new to the UK, but are quickly growing in popularity as they are sweeter and more flavoursome than the traditional king prawn. With their lobster-like flavour and texture, they are ideal for special occasions, but we think these will soon become a staple in your freezer. They are fully prepared, as they have already been peeled and deveined, so no fuss required in the kitchen.

  • Raw
  • 300g net weight
  • Serves 2

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