Salmon Roe Caviar (100g)

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Salmon Roe Caviar is an affordable and more attainable form of Caviar, but there is still an intense taste experience to be enjoyed. Perfect for using sparingly on canapes such as smoked salmon blinis with creme fraiche or in forms of sushi.

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Salmon Roe Caviar is a brilliant orange colour and has a profound freshness, releasing strong briny flavours as the large eggs pop on your tongue. Salmon Roe Caviar can be stored in your fridge until the specified best before date, but once opened it should be consumed within 3 days. Salmon Roe Caviar or ‘Saviar’ as it is sometimes known, is also suitable for freezing.

You can use Salmon Roe Caviar in a variety of ways but it should be used sparingly as it can be an extraordinary and strong flavour. Spread over a piece of buttered bread with sour cream, lemon, dill and garlic. Alternatively, you can add to smoked fish canapes, sushi, seafood crepes or as a flavour enhancer to seafood pasta dishes, salads or omelettes.

1 review for Salmon Roe Caviar (100g)

  1. Harsha Kar (verified owner)

    Really nice and tasty. Loved when they ‘pop’ in your mouth

    • Seafood by Sykes

      Thanks for your review, Harsha! Glad to hear you enjoyed the Salmon Roe Caviar.

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