Raw Lobster Tails (250g)

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The tail of a lobster is arguably the most favoured section, due to its abundance of meat. This elegant ingredient is great saved for a special occasion and coated in a rich and spicy butter for a joyous feast.

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Product description

Our lobster tails are caught in Canada and the USA and carefully prepared. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut down the back of the shell, so the meat can be pulled up to display the succulence that this offers.


  • Raw
  • 250g net weight
  • Serves 2

2 reviews for Raw Lobster Tails (250g)

  1. keylehr (verified owner)

    Delicious, sweet, plump and juicy. Came vacuum packed with dry ice (don’t pick it up for long it will burn you) frozen and in good condition. No freezer burn or damage of any kind. They are not big they weigh together 250g. Excellent quality regardless. Put in the oven gas mark 6 for 12 mins. Checked internal temperature when it hit 145°F left it to rest uncovered. Topped with a garlic lemon butter, veggies and mashed potatoes. Would definitely buy again.

    • Seafood by Sykes

      Delighted to hear you were a big fan of our lobster tails! It sounds like a really delicious meal, and it’s always nice to hear how our customers use our food!

  2. vicki connick (verified owner)

    Makes great lobster ravioli served with sage butter. make the ravioli, cook for 3 minutes: done.

    • Seafood by Sykes

      Great to hear this Vicki! Sounds like you had a delicious meal and we’re so glad we could be a part of it. We look forward to your next order!

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