Cooked Whole Canadian Lobster (550g)


Packed full of firm meat, our whole lobsters have been cooked quickly after catch to lock in their superior flavour and freshness. Simply thaw and serve cold, or coat in lashings of a spicy butter marinade, and pop under the grill to warm through. Net frozen weight 550g – 650g

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Product description

Our whole Canadian lobster now comes in a *New Larger Size*

Owing to its firm, meaty texture, bright red shell and spectacular, large claws, lobsters have long been viewed as a delicacy. Our whole Canadian lobsters, caught in the cold waters around Newfoundland, are considered the tastiest. Perfect served simply or added to rich and delicious sauces in more intricate recipes, we know you will love these.

  • Cooked
  • 550g minimum (frozen net weight)
  • Serves 2
  • Next day delivery on orders placed before 1 pm
  • Delivered frozen

Make sure to make the most of all your lobster. Most first-time buyers are unaware of any meat outside the tail, however, some of the tastiest mouthfuls come from the claws and knuckle. You can even get some sweet meat out of the legs and ribs. To ensure that you can get all that meat out with as little effort as possible we recommend buying a set of tools specifically designed for cracking and cutting through lobster shells.

If you’d prefer to cook your lobster yourself then we also offer a raw alternative. Check out our raw whole Canadian lobster (450g) or you can pick up a pair of raw lobster tails if you’re looking to enjoy lobster as simply as possible.


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