Mediterranean Red Shrimp (1kg) 20-30 Per Pack


Mediterranean Red Shrimp are another premium prawn addition to the Seafood by Sykes range. Identified by their unique coral colour, these tasty prawns come in packs of 20-30 prawns and it’s worth savouring every mouthful.

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Product description

To ensure these beautiful prawns are as tasty and fresh as they deserve to be they’re caught and frozen on board the boat. This method preserves the characteristics of the prawn and allows you to enjoy the same taste, consistency and nutrition as if you were eating them fresh off the docks. Prawns of this quality can be eaten raw and used in sushi dishes or turned into a tartare or carpaccio.

The secret to cooking prawns like this is to be gentle. Overcooking is worse than undercooking in most cases. Frying them for 40-50 seconds on each side is more than enough to achieve the desired results. You’ll soon be dining on a melt in your mouth prawn that is reserved for only the very finest of dining establishments… Until now…

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