Large Cooked Crevettes (900g)

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Our crevettes are whole king prawns, cooked in their shell to retain their naturally sweet flavour which also gives the shrimp a vibrant red colour. Perfect as a treat for you and your loved ones, simply dress and serve. Farmed in large lagoons in Ecuador, these prawns are given lots of room to grow slowly.

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Our sweet and succulent crevettes are farmed in the warm waters of Ecuador. They are cooked but left whole to lock in moisture and flavour. Simply defrost and serve with a drizzle of lemon juice. A striking centre-piece for a family buffet or special-occasion meal.

  • Cooked
  • Serves 6
  • 900g net weight

Here’s a tip to help you show off to friends and family. It looks impressive and takes no time nor preparation. I take our large cooked crevettes, it’s 900g so you have around 25 prawns. I then take a bag of our North Atlantic prawns, New Zealand half-shell mussels, smoked salmon and then finally a selection of our smoked mackerel, which I flake in to chunks. It feeds 6/8 people, super easy, super fresh and it feels like a true restaurant at home.

1 review for Large Cooked Crevettes (900g)

  1. Mark Butcher

    Absolutely superb, and you get loads in a box.

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