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Protect Your Body and Mind this January with Our #FitWithFish Box

by | Jan 5, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Our Seafood by Sykes #FitWithFish box is available NOW — helping our customers eat healthy, restaurant quality food at home this year.


Our brand new #FitWithFish box is perfect for anyone who wants to commit to their wellbeing this year.

It’s packed with lean fish and seafood — including tuna steaks, salmon, king prawns and cod loins — with premium produce to make your January meal prep even more tasty.

We’ve launched this new range to help more customers include fish in their diet. The benefits of eating seafood have long been celebrated, especially as people set those new ambitious targets for January. Lean fish and seafood, thanks to their simultaneous low fat content but high omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and selenium contents, are a staple of any clean eating diet.

They’re an incredibly lean source of protein, and there are proven health benefits too; the British Nutrition Foundation recommends not only eating two portions of fish per week but suggests that people eating up to five portions of fish per week protect themselves significantly against things like cerebrovascular disease. Our chef Howard explains:

“The versatility of fish and seafood really should be celebrated! Of course I’m a big advocate for the taste and recipe variants, but we should all be aware of the vast health benefits too. Fish should be at the heart of any good eating plan, not to mention its proven benefits – from physical wellbeing, weight loss and even mental health benefits.”

“While most people reassess their food and fitness plans in January, it’s compounded all the more this year with the pandemic. People are determined to invest in healthier and high-quality food choices. We’ve launched the boxes to make that more accessible, with produce that can be eaten in a number of ways. I’ll also be launching a healthy, meal prep recipe series in the coming days, with easy-to-follow methods for people who want to eat better and see physical and mental health improvements.”

Our Seafood by Sykes #FitWithFish box is available now. Each box is delivered within 24 hours if ordered before 1 pm and contains the highest quality frozen fish including four tuna loin steaks, four salmon portions, 200g cooked and peeled king prawns, and two frozen-at-sea cod loins. It is estimated that each box will help customers create 14 pre-prepared meals.



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