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Our minimum order value is £30, after any and all discounts have been applied.

We do indeed. We believe frozen offers great quality. Often seafood is frozen just hours after catch to lock in freshness. Chefs up and down the country agree

We source from all over the world. Sykes Seafood is over 150 years old, so we have a huge amount of experience and knowledge in sourcing the best quality, sustainable fish from around the world. Where possible, we source closer to home but we only ever source from origins where quality and sustainability are at the forefront of the supply chain.

We sell both. This is clearly marked on the product description pages on the website. The product that has already been cooked can be thawed and served. It could not be simpler. All of our cooked products are either cooked on vessels at sea immediately after the catch or in our own state-of-the-art factories which are governed to the highest food safety accreditations.

Most of the products we sell are pre-prepared and ready to use. The fish is sold in fillets or portions, with either the skin-on or off and the shellfish either in their shell, or with the shell removed. Please read the product description to understand how the fish needs to be prepared. In most cases the preparation, if required, is much easier than you think.

Glaze is a protective coating of ice on the frozen product, used to prevent dehydration and preserve the aesthetics of the product. Without some level of glaze, products would have become freezer burnt when stored. Once defrosted, the glaze falls away from the product, so when defrosting please make sure the fish placed in a plastic container or plate in your fridge to prevent spills.

Our cardboard boxes and space fillers are 100% widely recycled via kerbside collections.

The insulated liner is reusable, as per the details in your box. We chose this instead of the equivalent which was approximately 55mm of Polystyrene. Polystyrene is classed as a ‘problem plastic’ and difficult to recycle. By using the silver bags, we are contributing to the elimination of difficult-to-recycle plastic.

The insulated liner can be reused, as per the insert in your parcel. You can store frozen food from the supermarket in this liner for the journey home.

To ensure your order is delivered in a frozen state, we include dry ice packs in your box. Through product testing, we decided this was the best form of freezer-pack to ensure the products remains frozen from leaving our coldstore factory to arriving at your door.

Dry ice is perfectly safe to use, but must be handled carefully. Wear protective gloves when handling, and avoid prolonged contact. An oven mitt or towel will also work. To dispose of the dry ice, leave in a well ventilated room at room temperature, until the dry ice has completely sublimated.

Even with the inclusion of dry ice packs, we cannot guarantee that your product will arrive 100% frozen. If your products have started to defrost, don’t worry. You are safe to refreeze it. The dry ice ensures that it remains below 8°C, therefore it’s fine to put it straight back in the freezer.

We suggest you defrost in a refrigerator overnight, or for a minimum of 8-10 hours.

Some of our products can be cooked from frozen. Keep an eye out for the recipes.

Vacuum packaged fish results in a tasty and superior product when it is prepared, we believe it is the best way to store and keep frozen fish.

Vacuum packaging keeps the fish from drying out by preventing water loss. Vacuum packaging is used because it allows for an extended shelf life in the freezer by reducing odours and texture changes which may result in spoilage. This may mean that when you defrost your fish in these packs, you may notice a slight smell when opening. Don’t worry, this is normal. Leave the pack open for 5 minutes. Any odour present will quickly disappear.


We deliver our frozen fish and seafood throughout the UK, with a few exceptions.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to deliver orders to Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, Isle of Wight, all Scottish Islands, Highlands and North of Falkirk.

Yes! We do offer a FREE delivery option.

For more information visit our delivery page.

Your order will be delivered by DPD. All deliveries are shipped from us on overnight services to ensure that the product maintains its frozen state.

There’s nothing worse than missing a delivery, so we give you the choice to select a delivery date that suits you.

Deliveries can be made Tuesday to Saturday.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure your delivery arrives on your nominated day, in rare circumstances our delivery partner may not make it to you in time. If your delivery is not made on the day you have requested, please get in contact with us and we will put things right.

We would advise you to select a delivery date that you know you will be at home for. If something comes up and you know you won’t be in you can download the DPD app and add special delivery instructions such as a safe place to leave your delivery.

We are able to deliver to work addresses, if that’s easier.

Before 1pm on the day before your delivery is due, we can absolutely juggle things about to change the delivery date, but if it’s after 1pm, we won’t be able to, unfortunately. However should you have a specific requirement please contact us and we will try to help.


Due to the perishable nature of our products I’m afraid we don’t accept returns. In the unlikely event you have received an incorrect item in your order please contact us. If there are any other queries, our customer service team are on hand to help.

If you have an issue with an order you have received, please email us at explaining the issue, attaching any supporting images, and we will look into this. Please allow 24 hours working hours for a response.

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