Cooked Whole Brown Crab (400-600g)


Our whole cooked brown crabs are traditionally pot caught in the North Sea and taste as fresh as the day they were caught. While our dressed crab is very popular, this new option provides more than double the meat if you’re committed to scavenging out every morsel.

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Servings Weight Preparation Origin
2 400g - 600g Cooked North Sea
Energy Fat Saturates Carbs Sugars Protein Salt
4.1g 0.7g <0.5g <0.5g 19.7g 0.8g
As Sold Per 100g
SKU: 320067

Product description

If you’re looking to put crab on the menu at home then you’ve come to the right place. Our whole cooked brown crabs are the ideal solution. While you might need some know-how to extract all the prized white meat, you’ll be an expert in no time after a few attempts. The meat is already cooked so it’s as simple as allowing the brown crab to thaw fully in the fridge and then cracking into the shell and digging out the meat. Once you’ve separated out the white meat and the brown meat you can dig in or create your own dressed crab. You can gently reheat the crab meat if you prefer to eat it warm or serve cold. On average we were able to extract a minimum of 200g of meat from each crab. This can vary from crab to crab.
Note: Red/orange roe may be present in the brown meat in varying amounts dependent on seasonal variation.


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