Luxury Lobster Claw Meat (500g)


Enjoy premium bite after bite with our new luxury lobster claw meat. Regarded by many shellfish enthusiasts as the tastiest part of a lobster, our new 500g pack of premium cooked claw meat is fantastic value for money.

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8 0.5 Cooked North America
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Product description

All protein and zero shell. You can benefit from this pack of premium lobster claw meat in more ways than one. It would ordinarily take hours to extract this quantity of claw meat from lobsters yourself. With our shell-free luxury lobster claw meat pack, you can just defrost what you need and throw them into your favourite lobster dishes. No boiling, cracking or cooking is required.

Our lobsters are sustainably caught around North America and Canada once they have reached and passed breeding age. This pack of lobster claw meat uses only the best quality claws and you won’t find better quality lobster claws anywhere in the UK. To ensure our claw meat is harvested sustainably we make sure that all parts of the lobster are used for other products such as our lobster tails or 320g lobster meat pack.

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