Gambero Rosso Prawns (1kg) 10-20 Per Pack


Gambero Rosso translates simply to Red Prawn. Caught in the Mediterranean around Sicily, these deepwater dwelling prawns offer a delightfully creamy and melt in your mouth texture that has earned this prawn such high esteem in the prawn world.

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Product description

Amaze your dinner guests, friends or family with this luxurious Mediterranean delicacy. Chefs all over the world love the opportunity to cook prawns like these in their dishes, and now you can be among them. Get free next day delivery on your next order and raise the standards of your home dining with one of the most highly sought after prawns in the world.

Approximately 20-30 raw Gamero Rosso per 1kg pack. The prawns will arrive frozen and should be defrosted fully in the fridge prior to cooking.


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