XL Raw Whole Argentinian Prawns (2kg)


Wild caught in the icy waters around Argentina and Patagonia, our whole red shrimp are frozen at sea to retain their superb quality. Their sweet flavour and meaty texture gives them a similar eating quality to lobster and cooking in shell only elevates this flavour. These extra large whole shrimp are fantastic when charred on the BBQ, but make an equally impressive centre-piece when grilled or pan fried.

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Servings Weight Preparation Origin
10 2kg Raw Argentina
Energy Fat Saturates Carbs Sugars Protein Salt
1.2g 0.3g 1g 0.5g 23g 0.75g
As Sold Per 100g
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Product description

Our red shrimp are wild caught in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean and have similar eating qualities to lobster and so ideal for special occasions, being sweeter and more flavoursome than traditional king prawn species. This is the whole ‘head-on, shell-on’ version and has a bold and bright pink colour, even when raw, so please do note that this prawn must be cooked prior to eating!

  • Raw
  • Serves 10
  • 2kg net weight

I remember serving these when I worked in an Italian restaurant, we charged £28.00 for three prawns with a simple garnish, and on average in your box you will receive 30 prawns! More reminiscent of lobster than prawns – these just need pan-frying in oil, garlic and chilli. Let them cool a little before peeling, then go for it!

We source our whole Argentinian prawns during the offshore season in Argentina, this means that the boats venture further from shore. The prawns are landed and graded for quality and size before being placed finger laid in their packaging and frozen on board – it really doesn’t come any fresher.


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