XL Carabineros (1kg) 5-8 Per Pack


Introducing the newest addition to our menu – our delicious carabineros.

These spectacular prawns are sustainably caught by small independent fishermen in the Mediterranean, with our produce coming from the fresh shores of Spain and Morocco, ready to be delivered to our customers’ homes.

Caught, processed, frozen and packed on the boat – these incredible prawns are sold as a 1kg pack, with each pack containing between 5 to 8 prawns.  We offer them in two sizes – our large carabineros, and our extra-large carabineros meaning there’s plenty for you and your guests to devour this summer.

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Product description

Our extra large carabineros are a European delicacy served in high-quality restaurants around the world, and now you can enjoy them in your own dining room.

These extra large carabineros are packed with a generous meat content, especially from the tail – perfect for the most decadent dish at home. Meanwhile, meat from the head and body is the perfect addition to soups and sauces. We also offer a slightly smaller size if you’re just looking to sample a taste before jumping into the deep end. Click here to take a look at our large carabineros…

They’re simple to cook with the ravishing red colour retained throughout; opt for the Spanish preference of devouring them salted and grilled, or add them to paella for a luxurious twist on a classic dish. Regardless of how you serve them, the strong, yet sweet flavour, will not disappoint.

After they’ve been sustainably caught in the Mediterranean around Spain and Morocco they’re quickly frozen with all the freshness locked in. We then deliver them frozen to your door. These monsters are best defrosted overnight in the fridge and then lightly cooked to your pleasure. Whether you’re using the grill, pan, or barbeque, aim to lightly char the shell and head for just two minutes on each side. This is all these beauties need!


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