Cornish Butterfly Sardines Fillets (200g)

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Our butterfly sardine fillets, sustainably caught in the cool waters around the South West of England, are a supper staple. Best served grilled with a tangy salsa, give this fuss-free delicious fish a try. Packed full of essential fatty acids, they’re heart healthy to boot.

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All of the hard work has been taken out of the preparation for these delectable morsels as the sardines have already been butterflied and deboned. As these are caught from a certified fishery, you can be assured our local waters are treated with due care and respect.

  • Raw
  • 200g net weight
  • Serves 2

One of the easiest ways to cook sardine fillets is to pan-fry them. The fillets cook very quickly, and cooking skin-side down in a hot pan again allows for beautiful crispy skin.

Cornish sardines are caught using ring nets which is a low-impact fishing method aimed at preserving fish stocks. A sonar is used to target shoals of fish and is only deployed when the sardines have been identified – this reduces bycatch. Fishing operations can sometimes last only an hour and it not uncommon for the fishing fleet to fish direct from the harbour mouth. Once landed, the sardines are stored in ice water tanks before being transferred to shore the same day for processing and freezing.

1 review for Cornish Butterfly Sardines Fillets (200g)

  1. SN (verified owner)

    Really enjoyable, lovely fillets. Very tasty grilled

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