Cooked Half Dressed Lobster (65g)


Hassle-free lobster has arrived! Our cooked half-dressed lobster just needs to be thawed and gently reheated before it’s ready to eat. This luxurious meal for one is ideal if you need a quick solution to fine dining.

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this product is delivered frozen
Servings Weight Preparation Origin
1 167g Cooked UK
Energy Fat Saturates Carbs Sugars Protein Salt
1.6g 0.2g <0.5g <0.5g 22.1g 0.8g
As Sold Per 100g
SKU: 320068

Product description

Our lobsters are every bit as premium as you’d imagine. Now you can enjoy the luxury of lobster without the hassle of cooking and breaking into the shell. Simply thaw and reheat to indulge in this renowned delicacy. 65g refers to the meat content within each half-dressed lobster, not the total weight of the product. The product will arrive pre-cooked and frozen in the natural lobster shell.

We source our lobsters responsibly and ethically. Any lobsters that haven’t yet reached maturity are returned to the ocean, this is because it takes 7-8 years before a lobster is ready to reproduce. By returning small catches to the ocean we can help nurture the population and encourage long-term sustainability. These lobsters are caught right here in the UK off the coast of Norfolk, making them even ‘greener’ for the environment.


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